Guest Access

The city is full of distractions. Loud bars, coffee shops, and chaotic spaces get in the way of some much needed down time. Having a comfortable place to think and have a conversation while tasting unique liquor blends is a dying art. ​

The Gold Room was created directly from this inspiration. We offer both monthly guaranteed access and guest access based on availability.

Monthly Guest Access Includes:
  • Access to bespoke liquor menu
  • 50% Gold Room reservations
  • Invites to all of Deadline Private events and parties throughout the year. ​​
Monthly Guest Access Tiers
  • Individual $75 per month
  • Individual + 1 Guest $100 per month
  • Individual + 3 Guests $130 per month
  • Individual + 5 Guests $160 per month

We want as many people as possible to experience the Gold Room and enjoy what we feel is one of the best lounge environments in Pioneer Square. Each evening, we reserve a few seats on a first come, first served basis. No special occasion or paid for access is required. ​ Contact us for availability. (Reservation only up to 4 guests)

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